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Article: 3 Recommended Items for "First Tech Wear"

「初めてのテックウェア」おすすめアイテム3選 - LUCHYテックウェア&サバゲー専門店

3 Recommended Items for "First Tech Wear"

Speaking of tech wear, it features a gear-like appearance that pursues functionality and a unique design that looks like a costume in the near future.

"It seems difficult to incorporate into fashion"

Maybe some people think so.

However, once you wear it, its comfort is comfortable, and fashion that makes a difference to the people around you makes your daily life more enjoyable.

This time, techware will be fun! I would like to introduce recommended items from [Kichigyo Heavy Industries].

◆ Many times fun Outerwear that can be transformed

First of all, here is " Transportation " Docking hoodie.

This hoodie with a distinctive voluminous feel is the perfect outerwear for enjoying the tech style. Large hood and large pockets on sleeves, " Transportation " logo is an eye-catching design. There is no doubt that it will be the leading role in one shot.

The recommended point of this outer 1 is in the deformation element.

The hood is removable and the sleeves can be cut off, isn't it? Even though it is a big silhouette outerwear, there are endless variations in how to use it. You can remove only the hood or just the sleeves, and you can enjoy the style that suits your mood.

Speaking of big silhouette outerwear, it's easy to get uncomfortable and it's difficult to adjust the balance, but the length is also outstandingly nice. You can also remove the sleeves to show the items you are wearing underneath and enjoy the layered style. If you have this, other outerwear will be a recommended item that is delicious many times with one outfit, so that the number of turns will be reduced.

[Kichigyo Heavy Industries] " Transportation " Docking Parker ¥ 17,980

◆ The one and only god hood, big silhouette hoodie

And a must-see for hoodie lovers! The "Assassin Night Parka" has an eye-catching hood. The [Kichigyo Heavy Industries] hoodie has a nice big silhouette design. And above all, I want you to see this hood. The size and three-dimensional design are excellent. Have you ever had a hood that was too small to be just a decoration? This assassin night hoodie is mainly about the hood.

It's good to make a hood. Unlike the usual hood design, it is built from the front as well as the back. The standing of the hood when not wearing it and the presence when wearing it. Isn't it just a fashionable hoodie with functionality?

Not only as a hoodie, but it also has a volume around the neck and can be used like a high neck. It is a recommended hoodie that is nice to have a silhouette that does not become loose.

[Kichigyo Heavy Industries] Assassin Night Parker ¥ 17,980

◆ It's not just simple! Super versatile outerwear

Finally, I would like to introduce this [Kichigyo Heavy Industries] Wizard Hood Jacket

This outerwear is quite popular among [Kichigyo Heavy Industries]. The calculated silhouette and simplicity are cool!

You can wear it almost every day and it goes well with any outfit. It's the one I want you to wear down. The silhouette is a loose oversize and features an exquisite silhouette that never looks loose.

One point that shines in your heart is the [Kichigyo Heavy Industries] logo. Although it is simple, it has a strong presence because it has a large hood and the length is just right. A coat-like A line with a loose big silhouette that doesn't make you feel uncomfortable!

The tech wear style is packed with functions and tends to have many gimmicks, but the simple outerwear goes well with such items. It is a recommended outerwear that can complement other items.

[Kichigyo Heavy Industries] Wizard Hood Hoodie ¥ 17,980

◆ Tech items you want to match

We have introduced outerwear, hoodies and tops items, but I would like to introduce items that go well with each other and allow you to enjoy tech wear even more.

[Kichigyo Heavy Industries] Belted Pocket Pants

Rib pants that go well with oversized tops. If the hem is squeezed, it will be easier to balance the whole and it will be finished at once. Items that are just loose or thick will not be sloppy, but the visual effect of making the ankles look thinner will make the silhouette stand out. Furthermore, it is an item that makes a difference by adding a feeling of gear in combination with the accent belt.

[Kichigyo Heavy Industries] Belted Pocket Pants ¥ 11,980

[Kichigyo Heavy Industries] Tajima Transport Baseball cap

We also recommend a small cap that goes well with a large hood. By combining sporty items such as sneakers and caps with tech wear with a futuristic design, you can create a more stylish finish. This cap is small in size and fits well, and the small face effect when combined with a large hood is also a nice point.

[Kichigyo Heavy Industries] Tajima Transport Baseball cap ¥ 4,980

◆ Summary

How was it?

Techware is not difficult and I think it is an item that everyone can enjoy fashion

Why don't you enjoy comfortable fashion with tech wear that emphasizes not only functionality but also design?


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