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Article: [Cyber ​​Punk mask] Notice about reservation orders

【サイバーパンクマスク】予約注文についてのお知らせ - LUCHYテックウェア&サバゲー専門店

[Cyber ​​Punk mask] Notice about reservation orders

[Reservation order reception]
We have received inquiries about the Cyber ​​Punk Musk Series that we would like to order and order, but we apologize for the continuity.

Following the first temporary order(The first temporary order article)
Since some products have been prominent for parts procurement, we accept reservations in limited quantities.

It is a cause of out of stock, but the product is more than expectedBy salesIt is a situation where production is not keeping up.Also, rock down in Shanghai, ChinaInflated,The situation is difficult to procure parts.

Since the arrival of parts required for production was unstable, the order was once stopped.
"I still want to secure the product"
"It's okay if it takes time"
As we received the voice of the customer, the result of our consideration
Reservation order systemWas set up


[Order flow]

1) Reservation order
 Official LINEAdded a friend
 Please contact us about the purpose of reservation for cyber punk masks.
See the following[Order method]from

2) Payment
If you can confirm your intention, we will guide you about payment.

3) Production
As soon as the parts are available, we will make them sequentially.
4) Transport to Japan
It will be shipped as soon as the production process is completed.

5) Final check by staff in Japan
At this stage, we will inform you of the progress once.
If damage during transportation is seen, you may have time.

6) Delivery
It will be delivered by Kuroneko Yamato, Sagawa Express, Yu -Pack, etc.

Limited quantity
50 pieces (all products together)

[Order acceptance period]

5/22 (Sun) 22:00 AM ~ End undecided
It will end as soon as the scheduled number is gone.

[Order method]
We accept on the official LINE.

Add a friend
Please contact us with the purpose of the reservation of Cyber ​​Punk Mask and the desired product (URL).

Reservation order template (
Please copy and use it)
ー ー ー
・ Cyberpunk reservation order request
・ Product URL:
ー ー ー

[Delivery guide]

Due to the lockdown situation at the beginning, a clear schedule cannot be promised.
As a prediction of the current delivery, it will be around July 22, and at the latest at the latest.
(Because it is a guide, it may change)

・ Toward customers who used the first temporary order system
(The first temporary order article)
We will give priority to anything other than headphones.
There is no effect on the delay due to this reservation order.

【please note】

● Headphones are not eligible for reservations.
Headphones are products to be provided for provisional order. If you want to order along with the mask, we will guide you separately. 。 Please check with the staff on LINE.

● Since it will be a handmade product made of full order, please note that the ordered product cannot be canceled, replaced, or changed specifications.

● Custom orders are not accepted.

● If damage during transportation occurs, it may be created again depending on the degree.

● Even within the recruitment deadline, the production volume is limited, so if the limit is reached, the order will be closed even within the order date.

● We will have up to 3 points per person.

● In the case of mischief order, we may cancel at our own discretion. note that.

● It is a product that is not applied to the first coupon.

● It is also assumed that the lockdown by Corona will be prolonged, so we will contact you later.

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