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Article: [Prepared for deficit] Order shooting service gift of 45,000 yen or more! You can take amazing pictures! ??

[Prepared for deficit] Order shooting service gift of 45,000 yen or more! You can take amazing pictures! ??

I want to take cool pictures that can be used on SNS! !!

Based on the passionate opinions of our customers, the long-awaited shooting project by a professional cameraman is finally born!

It is a real pleasure to run through the battlefield (Sabage) wearing the tech wear brand "Kichigyo Heavy Industries".

However, there are many customers who think this way.

・ I want you to take cool pictures so that you can use them on SNS.

・ You can have a friend take a picture, but it's something different.

・ I want a professional cameraman to take a picture, but what should I do?

We have received many stories from our customers, such as


I am glad that so many customers can feel free to give us their opinions, and even though they are on the internet, they are close to us.

We tried and errored to make the hot opinions of all of you somehow.

There were some dissenting opinions within the staff, but I, the store manager, will definitely do something about it! I was wondering, and finally the project went through. (It was really good.

This project

Shooting project by a professional cameraman

✅ 1 order: Customers who purchase for 45,000 yen or more will receive a professional photographer's shooting service as a gift! !!

We will take pictures that can be used for SNS and profiles with amazing quality.
Originally, is a service that costs around 15,000 yen. I am prepared to lose money

, but I did my best to have everyone enjoy techware! !! !!

Shooting example

How many shooting locations are mainly in Kanto and Kansai I have picked it up.

Kanto (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba)
・ Sabage field
・ Downtown [Shibuya, Kabukicho, etc.]
・ Parks, etc.

・ Odaiba etc.

Kansai (Osaka / Hyogo / Kyoto)
・ Sabage field
・ Downtown [Umeda / Dotombori / Sannomiya etc.]
・ Kyoto (Senbon Torii, Shrine, Temple, etc.)
・ Port Island (Kobe)
・ Park

There are other places you want to shoot. Please feel free to contact us.
Available on the official LINE.


This is the first project for me, so I think there are some points that cannot be reached.

I will do my best with sincerity, so

Please take this opportunity to experience it.

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