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Good luck heavy industry

Techware that is popular all over the world. The secret to its popularity is, after all, the coexistence of advanced design and high functionality. A tech style that will fascinate you once you incorporate it into fashion.

This time, we would like to introduce the up-and-coming tech wear brand " Kichigyo Heavy Industries " from Hong Kong.

This brand is popular for its sophisticated design that cannot be imagined from the brand name.

"Kichigyo Heavy Industries" full of fashionable styling and elements that tickle the man's heart at a glance

This time, I would like to approach its charm.

◆ What is Kichigyo Heavy Industries

By the way, do you all know "Kichigyo Heavy Industries"?

"Kichigyo Heavy Industries" has just landed in Japan. Read the name as "Yoshiwazajukou".

"Kichigyo Heavy Industries" was launched in 2013 with 5 members. It is a brand that beautifully creates a unique world view that is unique by arranging traditional Japanese work clothes in the near future and incorporating subcultures such as ninja, samurai, anime and manga into it.

"Kichigyo Heavy Industries", which is already quite popular in the United States and Europe, finally landed in Japan in 2020. I think many techware fans have been waiting for it. It's a brand that not only tech wear fans but also anime fans can't miss!

◆ Attractiveness of Kichigyo Heavy Industries

・ Extreme design with volume

Recently, there are many people who enjoy fashion over -size. The items in " Karma Heavy Industries" have the best volume balance! The large hood and tight ribs are a beautiful balance of the calculated big silhouette. Even if you wear it oversized, it doesn't look sloppy, and it's cool and dull. Because it is designed with a big silhouette, it is possible for advanced styling with less power.

・ Strong one point

The base is simple, but the strong one point scattered in the key points is eye-catching. Accent logos and Chinese characters. It seems to make sense, but it's even cooler than it makes sense! The Chinese characters are coolly incorporated into the design, aren't they? The kitchen design that sticks straight to the heart of a man, even the heart of an otaku, is irresistible! You can realize your own world view that sets you apart from other people.

・ Outstanding functionality derived from work clothes

Tobi trousers ( Tobi Fuku ) , because it is a design derived from traditional Japanese work clothes Functionality that combines. Not only is the pocket you want, its size, number, and design cool, but it's also extremely easy to use! Comfortable and fun to wear is one of the charms of "Kichigyo Heavy Industries".


How was it?

The hottest " Kichigyo Heavy Industries " is an irresistible view of the world. A design that is full of men's "likes".

Although it is an aggressive design, there is no problem with how to match it with the particular size and design.

I think that "Kichigyo Heavy Industries", which can be the main item of all items, can turn around people who pass each other just by incorporating one.

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