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What is a three-time deferred payment service with zero split fee?

Paidy is a service that allows you to shop with just your email address and mobile number.
You can shop without a credit card or cash on hand, so I want it! The feature is that you can shop at that time. In addition, if you use 3 times postpay with no split fee, you can get the items you have given up until now, so you can buy more.

  • How to use 3 times postpay
    To use Paidy's 3 times postpay, you can install Paidy app and ID card (driving) for free. All you need is a driver's license or my number card). There is no extra cost.
  1. Install the paydy app (iphone) or (Android)
  2. Select "Free upgrade to paidy plus" and enter the required information
  3. Upload identity verification documents and take a photo of your face to upgrade to paidy plus
  4. Select "Apply for 3 payments" from the application menu or usage history and proceed with the registration procedure
  5. OK if the procedure is completed!

■ If you select painy in the payment method selection and select "3 times postpay", 3 times payment is completed!