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For those of you who are thinking, “I want something different from everyone else.”

The world is full of mass-produced fashion, ranging from high-end brands to fast fashion, but we only carry rare items that cannot be found in stores and are not yet released in Japan. We believe that if you are tired of ordinary fashion, you will definitely find the perfect item.

#1 Deca Food Collection

Enjoy Yoshinari Heavy Industries' unique big food collection

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#2 "Extremely warm collection"

Comfortable even in winter

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Wizard Hood Jacket

Speaking of "Yoshiyoshi Heavy Industries", this is it!
An ever-popular item, the Wizard Hood Jacket!

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If you want to buy "sneakers that don't cover up," go for sneakers.

LUCHY's popular sneakers are now available at a specialty store! We offer a wide variety of sneakers that will decorate your taste buds with advanced designs and a unique worldview.

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About techwear


【吉業重工】注目のテックウェアブランドが遂に上陸 - LUCHYテックウェア&サバゲー専門店

[Kichigyo Heavy Industries] Featured tech wear brand finally landed

The techware brand "Kichigyo Heavy Industries", which has been highly acclaimed overseas, has finally landed in Japan! What kind of brand is "Kichigyo Heavy Industries" and what is the secret of i...

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「初めてのテックウェア」おすすめアイテム3選 - LUCHYテックウェア&サバゲー専門店

3 Recommended Items for "First Tech Wear"

Is there anyone who thinks that techware is difficult, full of gimmicks and difficult to match? Introducing such tech wear that anyone can easily enjoy fashion even for the first time.

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