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About costume provision

Costume provision

At Luchy shop, we provide costume cooperation and costume rental (rental) for each media, production staff and stylists.
If you are considering renting costumes for TV, dramas, magazines, etc., please check the following and feel free to contact us.

In providing costumes For TV programs, dramas, magazines, etc.

① Please post credits.
② Please also introduce on SNS.

* Please be sure to post credits and mention on SNS when you cooperate with costumes.
Please note that we will not be able to cooperate with you if you do not follow the rules.

For Web media

① Please post a link to our site after providing the costume.
② Please also introduce on SNS.

<< Details at the time of posting on SNS >>

Mention to the relevant brand
@ luchy_085

Target product from the story Please paste the URL to.

After the costumes are provided, they will be posted on our website or our SNS as "rental record".
Please check Cases where costumes cannot be provided
If the product inventory is low due to busy season, duplicate costume rental, etc.,
Please prepare the costumes you request. It is difficult to do so, and we may refrain from providing costumes.
In addition, it may be difficult to ship on the same day depending on our delivery status, so please contact us with plenty of time.

Costume rental period
Costume rental period is requested to be returned within one week after the end of use.
* Negotiable depending on the cast and medium.

[Reception Hours] Mon-Fri 9: 00-18: 00
To the above contact information
・ Company name
・ Person in charge Please let us know your name
and date of use
We will get back to you with the leasing procedure.

Terms ● Delivery of the product The shipping fee will be borne by the client.
● After the costumes are provided, the contents will be posted on our site or SNS after the broadcast as "rental record".
● Please be sure to let us know which product you use and when the content will be broadcast and sold.
● If there is dirt, scratches, sweat or perfume odor that was not provided at the time of provision, you may be required to pay the cleaning fee or purchase the applicable product.